“Toyota advertising replaces body parts with car parts and ends up objectifying the female form”

Don’t go far – intersectional strategist Dr Sizakele Marutlulle talks publicity heroes and zeros on The Money Show.

Toyota metallic logo up close. Image: 123rf.com

Toyota is a very popular and trusted brand in South Africa.

However, an ad trying to be ‘too smart’ puts him in the loser category on The Money Show’s Heroes and Zeros slot this week.

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The ad for Toyota Genuine Parts starts with the line “This alternator will tell you if your butt looks fat in those jeans”.

Intersectional strategist Dr Sizakele Marutlulle (replacing Andy Rice) explains why the Toyota ad is overshooting the mark.

What I think is that a very smart, inspired, creative person decided ‘Why don’t we replace body parts with car parts and it’s going to sound amazing… everyone will understand and we we’ll have a good laugh.

Dr. Sizakele Marutlulle, intersectional strategist and creative problem solver

The problem is, the ad doesn’t sound funny when you listen to it as a potential customer, says Marutlulle.

We live in a world, and in a culture and a country where these things are problematic… this idea of ​​objectifying almost a female form… I don’t know if anyone said to a male “Your butt looks big in those jeans”…

Dr. Sizakele Marutlulle, intersectional strategist and creative problem solver

The Toyota brand has always been very clear in the past about its promise to give owners peace of mind, she says.

“You’ve got the territory. Don’t waste it on cowardly, callous advertisements like this… Stick to what the ‘genuine parts’ offer as an advantage.”

Listen to Dr. Marutlulle’s reviews of Heroes and Zeros (Toyota talk at 6:28):

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