Several Roanoke used car dealers have been broken into; titles, stolen car parts


ROANOKE, Virginia – Con artists steal car keys, cash and even car titles from used car dealers in Roanoke, according to dealers and police. The owners are now asking the public for help.

Auto Best Sellers on Salem Turnpike NW was the dealership’s latest hit on Monday.

“They broke the window. That’s how they got in, ”said owner Besmullah Wahidi.

Once inside. they took photographic equipment (including recording devices), car titles and batteries. A car window in the back of the store was smashed.

Wahidi said the inspection sticker was stolen.

“We are very frustrated with this. This is the third time this has happened, ”Wahidi said. “Not only in this parking lot, they do it at several car dealerships in Roanoke.”

VIP Used Cars on Shenandoah Avenue NW was hit on Oct. 21, according to the owner and police.

“They took the money, around $ 40,000. In addition, a vehicle and a bunch of keys, around 20 car keys, ”said owner Waheed Ismail.

In surveillance footage from that night, you can see at least three people rummaging through desk drawers and walking away with bags of items along with what appear to be two guns. Ismail said the weapons were a pistol and a handgun.

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“Looks like they’re the same people,” said Basir Khan, owner of Roanoke Auto Sales.

Located on Melrose Avenue NW, Roanoke Auto Sales was robbed on October 26.

“They broke the window and entered through the window. They were looking for stuff. They recovered some titles. They took about 10 titles and 5 car keys, ”Khan said.

While the intention to steal car keys is unknown to dealers, Roanoke Police shared with 10 News that car parts are traditionally sold and car titles can also be made and sold.

“We hope they get caught and go to jail. They deserve it, ”Wahidi said.

“Instead of robbing other businesses and ruining other people’s lives and throwing them aside,” Khan said, “it’s good to get a job.”

If you have any information, call Roanoke Police at (540) 853-2212.

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