Reducing parking fees in Nuneaton and Bedworth a step ‘too far’ say critics



The reduction in parking fees at Nuneaton and Bedworth has “gone too far”.

The ruling Tories in Nuneaton and Bedworth have come under fire for their proposal to provide three hours for £ 1 of parking as well as free parking over Christmas and New Years.

Critics have not only claimed it goes ‘too far’ to help motorists, but have also criticized the way the Tories are proposing to fund the £ 300,000 cost of parking changes.

Councilor Sam Croft, a member of the finance cabinet, said the parking fee reductions would help jump-start the economic recovery in the borough and help traders and businesses that have had the “traffic jam cleared over the past year.” year and a half ”.

‘Too much’

But resident Michele Kondakor said that while she did not support previous Labor Party proposals to increase parking fees, she said: “I think it goes the other way too much.

“Those who don’t drive are the poorest, they don’t get much from it. It subsidizes people who work in the city and takes the best parking for shoppers.

“I understand it’s a balance, but I think he’s gone too far in one direction.”


She raised concerns about plans not to carry out essential repair work, such as the town hall’s doot system and the replacement of the town hall’s obsolete air conditioning and the reduction of its opening hours, to pay for the parking plan.

“These are things, to me, that absolutely feel like they need to be done and I’m afraid they won’t be done just to pay for more free parking.”

Regarding plans to cut back hours at Civic Hall, Cllr Kyle Evans, a member of the Utilities Cabinet, said: “If you were going up to bed you wouldn’t leave your lights on downstairs.

“When nothing’s happening, what’s the benefit of keeping the Civic Hall open?”

Regarding the reduced opening hours at both Civic Hall and the Nuneaton Museum, Town Hall Chief Cllr Kris Wilson said they would be carried out based on seasonality.

Reduces concerns

Labor group leader Cllr Chris Watkins has raised concerns about not proceeding with the replacement of the City Hall gate entrance system, especially in light of the fire in it. two years ago, and the risk that could pose.

He and Cllr Keith Kondakor also pointed out the delay in a decarbonization program.

Cllr Kondakor also questioned free parking and said it should be offered more strategically, for example after 3 p.m.

“Pay off the debt of gratitude”

Cllr Croft said the decision to delay spending on essential works is only temporary and that they “will happen” and pointed to having to cut corners due to a so-called “black hole” left by Labor on changes in how the council could spend the government’s additional restraint grant fund.

Council chief Cllr Wilson added that they had promised the electorate to offer free parking and would stick to it.

Regarding the reductions in parking fees and free rents for market traders, he said, “Let us not forget, in good times, market traders and businesses have invested in this city. Now that they are in their own desperate period, when they have seen so much uncertainty, we must repay the debt of gratitude we owe them and support them to the hilt.

“A market trader told me. Without the free market fares, and if we hadn’t continued with the free parking, she would have given up.

Yes there was a black hole to be able to fund the changes and I hope those who intend to vote against it next week have their apologies ready. “

What happens now

A special council meeting will be held on Wednesday evening (June 30) to discuss the emergency budget changes, which include the reduction in parking fees and the terms of their funding.

Councilors will debate whether to give the green light to the emergency budget.

If given the green light, the parking changes would take effect.


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