Rain in Uttar Pradesh: parking lot turns into ocean in Firozabad | LOOK

A parking lot in Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh turned into an ocean after record heavy rains affected normal life in parts of UP.

The flooded roads and damaged houses in Firozabad clearly indicate the devastation that 48mm of rain in 24 hours has brought to a city not designed for such weather events.

An ocean-like car parking video is making the rounds on social media.

The viral video shows how hundreds of cars in a parking lot were almost submerged by floodwaters after the deluge. While some cars can be seen half-drowned in rainwater, others at the back are almost completely underwater.

However, the exact parking location in Firozabad has yet to be identified.

Record rain in parts of Uttar Pradesh has affected the normal life of people in the state. Continuous 48-hour rains have led to several rain-related incidents such as collapsing walls, lightning and waterlogging in Etawah, Aligarh and Firozabad.

At least 10 people have been killed, 7 in Etawah and 11 injured in incidents of lightning strikes and collapsing walls during heavy rains in parts of Uttar Pradesh. Record rains have forced the closure of schools in Aligarh.

Outside Etawah where 7 people died including 4 children in one family died due to heavy rains in Uttar Pradesh. It has also been reported in Firozabad (2) and Balrampur (1) districts since Wednesday, officials said.

In another incident, a child died and 8 others were injured in a wall collapse incident following heavy rains in Firozabad.

The district administration provided immediate aid and relief to people affected by the heavy rains. 13 people died due to heavy rain while 3 died due to lightning. 10 people died due to the collapse of the wall in Etawah, said Sudhir Garg, the principal secretary of the revenue department.

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