New multi-storey parking contract

A NEW parking pass to help more people return to city center jobs on a part-time basis and encourage greener driving behavior has been introduced by Dundee City Council.

The Flexi 20 multi-park option will be specifically aimed at commuters returning to offices and other workplaces on a hybrid basis to give them a better deal in Olympia, Gellatly Street, Greenmarket and Bell Street multi-storey car parks.

In addition to the current subscription and other parking options, the new program offers the ability to prepay parking at a competitive rate that better reflects people’s new ways of working as they emerge from the pandemic.

This year will also mark a milestone in the city’s efforts to improve air quality with the introduction of Dundee’s Low Emissions Zone, an increase in the number of low or zero emission bus services and improving active transportation infrastructure.

Combined with parking options that encourage people to think more about the journeys they take in their vehicle, how long they park and where best to do so, this will help the city achieve a number of its quality of life.

An online application asks for details before applicants receive a blank smart card with their vehicle information embedded and a starting balance of zero. Before first use, it must be presented at one of the automatic pay stations in one of the council’s four multi-storey car parks. There, drivers will be asked to top it up with an initial credit of £100. This will buy 20 parking sessions (one per 24 hour period).

Every time the customer enters the parking lot, the Automatic License Plate Recognition (ANPR) system identifies the license plate of the vehicle, recognizes the car as a multi-fleet member and automatically raises the barrier. Each day the pass card is used, £5 will be deducted from the balance, meaning multiple entries can be made to the MSCP within the same 24 hour period. The small screen at the entrance gate will show the driver’s remaining balance.

As the card is used, the remaining value decreases until it needs another £100 top-up. If a user reaches a zero balance, the exit barriers will not rise until an additional payment has been made.

The Flexi 20 program, which will complement existing parking offers, was launched today (Wednesday). Further details, including how to apply, can be found at

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