Multi-level car parks at the airport will be put into operation on August 1 | Chennai News

The building to the east will include seven levels of parking, a multiplex spread over 3,717.61 m² and a shopping center spread over 14,030 m² and three levels

CHENNAI: Passengers at Chennai Airport can from August leave their car in one of the two multi-level car parks and walk to the terminals using connecting bridges.
The Airports Authority of India (AAI), which will open on August 1 two multi-level car park the buildings, which together can hold 2,000 cars, will soon launch a tender to identify a company to operate the parking system. A Terms of Use meeting was held with the CISFpolice, airlines and other businesses on Wednesday.
Officials suggested ample time for people to be dropped off and a separate area for disabled passengers in both buildings. The authorities had already built pathways allowing cars to access the two buildings.
Based on feedback from airlines, CISF and other agencies, AAI plans to revise the traffic plan for vehicles on the city side to ensure cars and private taxis can drop off passengers at the parking lot or at the terminal and reach the parking space.
“We have asked AAI to give taxis time off to drop off passengers in the parking lot and then exit or park,” an official said. Airlines have requested facilities to pick up and drop off passengers with disabilities, he added. The multi-level parking buildings will have connecting bridges connecting the general parking lot and the domestic and international terminals.
The building to the west will have six levels of parking, including the basement, a hotel spread over 2,749 m² and food and beverage outlets over 4,804.85 m². The one to the east will have seven levels of parking, a multiplex spread over 3,717.61 m² and a shopping mall spread over 14,030 m² and three levels.
After the commissioning of the parking building, the authorities plan to use the space in front of the terminals for landscaping.


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