Kildare Nationalist – Over 100 car tires and parts dumped on a rural road in County Meath

Louise Walch

Meath County Council is urging people to avoid using so-called ‘unlicensed backyard garages’ after they had to undertake the cleanup of nearly 120 discarded tires and car parts which were dumped on a rural road.

The cleanup took place on Friday morning after the council was alerted to the tyres, which were strewn on the sides of the road in Danestown, near Kentstown.

Council waste keeper Alan Nolan said the 117 car tires and parts were thrown away just weeks after a separate incident outside Dunshaughlin in which 50 tyres, 23 five-gallon oil drums and three 45-gallons had been discarded.

“A member of the public who walks the road in Danestown every day alerted us to this dump on Thursday afternoon. The road was clear earlier in the morning which meant a large van emptied the tires in broad daylight,” Mr Nolan said.

“End-of-life tire dumping has become a huge problem across the county, and we believe unlicensed yard garages are responsible for failing to comply with the nation’s waste regulations.

Nearly 120 car tires and parts were dumped on the side of a road near Kentstown, County Meath, on Thursday. Photo: provided by Louise Walsh

“The tires can be recycled and for each new tire purchased, the customer pays an additional €3.44 to the garage for the proper disposal of end-of-life tyres.

‘This cost is documented by the seller who must account for their sales when inspected by any member of the council’s waste control office or environmental protection office,’ Mr Nolan added.

“The vast majority of reputable garages will have this documentation and properly dispose of end-of-life tyres, so we encourage motorists to use these garages when purchasing new tyres. Only then can we see a decrease in this type of dumping.

‘If anyone is aware of an unauthorized garage operating in the locality, please contact Meath County Council in confidence,’ Mr Nolan added.

As Halloween approaches, Mr Nolan has urged garages to secure tires so they are not accessible for bonfires.

“Be vigilant and keep all your tires safe. Although it is illegal to do so, many tires end up on bonfires on Halloween, releasing toxic fumes into the atmosphere,” he said. added.

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