Emotional response to the parking lot war where a note was stuck to the Range Rover


Opinions are divided over the actions of a tired resident who used silicone to stick a note on the windshield of a Range Rover Velar blocking the space outside her home.

The MEN reported that two sisters with matching Range Rovers remained furious when a series of notes were left on their cars, one being glued with a silicone substance.

Ellie Newman, 36, who lives in Whitefield, and her sister Jordana Timeyin, 39, who lives in Prestwich, park their vehicles on a street near their place of work in Whitefield.

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But the siblings, who both work at the Bridgewater Acceptances loan agency, say they left notes on their windshields on several occasions, including being stuck to the glass with glue.

On Thursday, September 30, Ellie claims to have discovered a note stuck with silicone on the windshield of her black Range Rover after finishing her job.

The black felt-tip pen said, “Please stop using this street as a parking lot.

“Residents come home from work / shopping and cannot park on their own street !!”

The author of the note, who wishes to remain anonymous, defended his actions, saying:

“I’m not apologizing, I was not rude or malicious.”

Ellie reported the incident online to Greater Manchester Police.

The resident said, “This is not criminal damage, the substance I stuck it with was easy to peel off. It was like play dough.

“It was a reasonable request, I was not rude.

“I just explained how things were from the residents’ point of view.”

The mark left by a note on Ellie Newman’s car

Manchester Evening News readers reacted to the incident on social media with mixed opinions.

Some agree with the resident, believing that this shows a lack of consideration to park a vehicle on a daily basis on a residential road.

Others say that as long as they pay their road tax and don’t block a driveway, they are legally entitled to park wherever they want.

“Why don’t these sisters share their car, at least that would free up one of the parking spaces ??? They work in the same place !!!” we wrote.

Another wrote: “Well done, but don’t be considerate while they are fine, it doesn’t matter to everyone. There is a parking lot 5 minutes away.”

Some agreed with the resident’s actions and claimed that she had done nothing wrong.

“Fair play… don’t think the resident has done anything wrong, the sisters are clearly used to doing whatever they want,” one said. Another asked, “What happened to consideration and courtesy?

Some readers have made it clear on which side they are on the issue.

One of them said: “Good for the resident, I’m on her side if you can’t even park in front of your own house or have visitors because of the selfish cars parking there (SIC), it’s is ridiculous.

“People have to be a lot more considerate of people, no one seems to have time for anyone else”

Others floundered, saying: “This is a complete disregard for the residents”

“Personally, I wouldn’t dream of parking my car on a private residential street every day of the week.”

But some readers agreed with the sister’s point of view that they should be able to park without their cars being damaged.

They pointed out that if a car is insured, taxed and not obstructing a driveway, motorists have the right to park on the road in front of someone’s house.

“I live near a school and twice a day it’s chaos, but you just have to accept it, the parents at the school are just as right as I am.” One person commented.

Another pointed out: “As long as cars are taxed and insured and don’t block a driveway, you have the right to park.”

One said: “Imagine having the right to siliconize a piece of paper on someone’s car because you don’t like where they parked.

Another said: “They park legally, so it’s first come, first served… end of story…

Other comments included: “Most people who park on a road park in front of someone’s property. If you pay your road tax, you are not breaking the law.

Keep the parking lot on the street, there’s nothing they can do. Ignore the notes. “

“She can own / rent a house, she doesn’t own the road!” They can legally park wherever they want!

One reader seemed to agree that the sisters weren’t wrong, but wished they weren’t.

“Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a leg to stand on.” They wrote. “If the two girls pay road tax, they can park on the street as much as they want.

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