Building houses with car logos



Brand recognition is essential for car manufacturers, as vehicles look more and more alike these days. As in many other industries, a car manufacturer’s logo is a powerful marketing tool, and car logos are some of the most recognizable, even to children.

Karina wiciak runs a company in Poland called Wamhouse, which specializes in architecture and interior design, and she has designed three houses based on car logos. She also wrote a fourth house with the Adidas logo.

The first design shown here is based on the Chevrolet the brand’s bow tie logo, and it’s a house built right on the water. Entirely fenestrated at the front, this house includes a layout on several levels with two outdoor terraces, a few living spaces, a bedroom as well as a kitchen and a dining room at the highest level. Even in the drawing, the seagulls seem to enjoy the vast, flat area at the top, so it could end up getting really messy up there. Nonetheless, it is a modern take on a car logo that has been around since 1913, two years after the Chevrolet brand was established.

The second conception is based on the Renault logo, which represents the exterior structure of the four-story house. The drawing gives no indication of the location of the stairs to go up and down the floors, but the diamond-shaped house is decidedly contemporary.

Wiciak also drew up plans for a third house based on car logos, this time using Mitsubishithe three diamond pattern of. This beach house has two entrances and the second floor is the main living room, where one can see a living room on one side and a dining room on the other. There is also a mezzanine which could be an open concept bedroom.

Finally, the fourth house is not inspired by the logos of the cars, but rather by the tilted three-bar emblem of Adidas. It is a four-story house with visible stairs and plenty of windows to soak up the natural light. The shape of the house is perfect against the equally sloping mountain side.

Whether or not Wamhouse will build homes based on car logos remains to be seen, but it is true that they look very stylish and modern. Now how about something more difficult to design, like a house using a Porsche or Cadillac logo?


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