Bangalore International Airport Limited launches tender for parking services


INDIA. Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) is issuing a tender to manage its parking infrastructure and operations at Bengaluru Kempegowda International Airport through a tender.

The successful tenderer will coordinate with the BIAL team or consultants appointed by BIAL for the management and operation of parking infrastructure, including financial transactions, across the campus.

BIAL Commercial Director Kenneth Guldbjerg said the management of airport parking activities has a “huge impact” on the overall customer experience. He said, “Car parks are the first and last physical point of contact for passengers, and by improving our airport campus parking lots with more sophisticated technology, we will create a seamless travel experience for our customers. . As we embark on the next phase of expansion, we are confident that the integration of a new parking service partner will pave the way for improved efficiency with a strong emphasis on sustainability. “

Bangalore International Airport Limited is looking for partners to manage a range of commercial services, including parking

Proposals are due no later than January 7, 2022. For more information on the tendering process, interested bidders can visit Interested bidders can send an email [email protected]

As reported, BIAL recently launched a major tender for a joint venture partner to establish, operate, maintain and manage duty free stores with BIAL, in the future new terminal 2 of the airport.

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