Auto repair shop attributes lack of auto parts to pandemic




PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – Auto repair shops and dealerships are struggling to find auto parts due to lack of distribution from manufacturers.

Manufacturers have slowed the production of new cars because they don’t have enough employees.

Without enough new cars on the road, crash parts critical to repairs are not manufactured.

Mike’s Auto Collision owner Mike Horne said that amid this parts shortage, they were doing everything possible to help their customers get back on the road.

“With this area so devastated so badly, obviously from Hurricane Michael, and now COVID, it’s going to take time,” Horne said. “It’s going to take patience. If we all have a little patience and an understanding of what we need to do to overcome this, it will make it a little easier. “

He said they even had to outsource to eBay and Amazon to try and find approved parts, causing delays for everyone.

He fears the backlog of parts will worsen in August and September, as manufacturers and distributors will spend the next few months catching up.


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