audi: Sharp rise in the price of luxury cars Stops Upgrades: Audi | Kolkata News

Kolkata: The 25% to 30% rise in the price of luxury vehicles over the past three years due to multiple factors ranging from a sharp increase in input costs to higher taxes and duties has widened the gap between entry-level luxury cars and high-end cars. end offers from companies that target the mass market, Audi India chief Balbir Singh Dhillon said in Kolkata at the inauguration of the new dealership in New Town after a three-year hiatus.
Although the company appointed Adventure Auto Car India as the city’s dealership in 2019, it has been operating out of a five-star hotel so far with no showroom. “Instead of growing, the luxury car pie in the Indian auto market has fallen from 1.5% in 2018, when around 40,000 units were sold, to 1.1% today, with sales of around 30,000 units last year.The difference in price between a high-end SUV (Toyota Fortuner, Ford Endeavor or Jeep Compass) from non-luxury manufacturers and the entry-level SUV or sedan (Q2, Q3 and A4 from Audi; GLA and CLA from Mercedes-Benz and X1 by luxury car markers which was around Rs 5 lakh at one point has now widened to Rs 15-20 lakh, pushing it out of reach of a customer. So fewer people switch to luxury cars,” Dhillon said. Entry-level cars in the luxury segment were priced at Rs 30-35 lakh three years ago, they now cost Rs 40-45 lakh on the road.
The situation has forced luxury car makers to market their used cars more aggressively. Audi India has already increased the number of Audi Assured Plus dealerships from seven in 2020 to 14 in 2021. By the end of the year, it plans to have 20 dealerships in place. The company, along with other luxury automakers, has urged the government to reduce import taxes, at least on electric cars, so they can try different body types on the market before bringing the right type of vehicle to meet Indian requirements.

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