Are you going to pay the voluntary parking fees at the Highland Council car parks in Nairn and the Torvean Swing Bridge in Inverness?



Parking meters have been installed in Nairn and Torvean, but the choice of whether or not to pay is up to you.

We want to know what you think of the introduction of voluntary parking fees at Nairn and Torvean.

Will you pay the voluntary parking fee at the Highland Council car parks in Nairn and the Torvean Swing Bridge?

Motorists will have up to 24 hours at Torvean, and a small number of RVs and RVs have spent their first night in the parking lot, which only opened yesterday.

People are asked to pay, which is a measure introduced as the council considers a community consultation on parking pricing in the future.

A Highland Council spokesperson said: “The new Torvean Car Park payout has been created on the West Link and is open and available for use.

“The invitation to pay for parking supports the council’s visitor management strategy and the site will remain an invitation to pay until a new public consultation can take place.

“It is estimated that 200 parking spaces are available; and the site will also allow visiting coaches to stop over while waiting to pick up passengers from the city center. “

She added: “This new facility was the old construction site of the West Link project and the new parking lot and new machinery went into service on Wednesday.”

We want to know what you think? Will you pay the voluntary fee to park your car? Let us know in our poll below.

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